With any compressed air always comes water, hydrocarbons and oil. The right choice of compressed air treatment and filtration is essential to protect against product spoilage or premature machinery failure.

Water and oil dramatically reduces components lifespans in printing presses, laser machines, CNC machines and any machine with moving parts. The quality of air can seriously affect shotblasting , spray booths and breathing air so before you have an expensive problem see Algas for the right prevention.
Algas specialize in removing the condensate before it enters the customers air lines. We can supply:
  • Refrigerant dryers which are designed to lower the dewpoint of the compressed air to 3°C to remove water carry over and to prevent contamination of the compressed air system.
  • Dessicant dryers to remove all water droplets by drying the air to -70°c for customers who need extremely dry air for critical applications such as medical breathing air.
  • line filters to remove particles the size of 0.01 micron with minimal pressure loss.
  • Condensate management systems to accumulate all oil and water removed from the air and safely dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.